These apps benefit from the Open Dictionary API. Join the Alliance to enrich you mobile applications with high quality dictionary content.


Platforms: Android

Idea: AlReader -any text book reader is a free application designed for reading fiction books. Simple in use, for your convenience it has multiple features and settings. The app can be used all over the world as it supports up to 20 languages.


Platforms: Android

Idea: FBReader supports the latest series of Slovoed multilingual ‘talking’ premium content dictionaries on Android devices to provide immediate translations and definitions of e-book text without the need to switch applications or access the Internet. By installing FBReader, users of Slovoed dictionaries, available in more than 29 world languages, can enjoy the most comfortable in-app translation from any book or document in EPUB, OEB, FB2 (.zip), mobipocket (mobi), RTF or plain-text format.


Platforms: iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Idea: TReader multiplies pleasure of reading unabridged e-books in their original languages with comfortable in-app translations by Slovoed dictionaries. This is the first ebook reader with dictionary support available for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Installing TReader, users of Slovoed dictionaries, available in 30+ world's languages, can get instant translation and definition of e-book text, without switching applications or accessing the Internet.